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Layouts, Layout Help and Customizing. Also some tech help.

the lounge
Welcome to the Layout Lounge. We are also on the web HERE. Being more fluent in Flexible Squares coding it tends to be the layout theme I work in. I am very willing to help you with your layout problems just go to the Help Desk & Easy Fixes You Might Not Know About. Look at see if your problem is listed. If you don't find the solution, feel free to comment. If you are asking for help with on of my layouts please comment to the layouts post. DO NOT PM me.

Everything in this journal is free. LJ currency is always appreciated though.

FYI: The inspiration for a lot of my layouts are headers I find on the net or make. If I've made the header it will says so. Usually I link to where you can find any header I've not made. Please credit accordingly. Let me know if you find a dead link or missing image. My header images are not required to be used. You should definitely make the layout your own.

the basics
No HOTLINKING any images I put up here. Most images I make are at graffitigraphic. Please credit this journal for all layouts used.

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more layout help
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Never Required But Always Appreciated

Some banners if you would like to use one...

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