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Frequently Asked Questions
Please read these frequently asked questions before asking your question. Questions will be added as they are asked.

1. Can I change the header on one of your layouts?
Yes, I usually just us a header for the example or to help me make the layout. You can use any layout you wish.

2. Can I share your layouts with others?
You can direct people to this community and tell anyone you found your layout here.

3. What if I like a layout but I want something to be changed?
If you are able to change something, such as the link colors, go for it. I also have coding you can add to your layouts. If you are unsure how to change something ask for my help in the layouts post. I'm more than willing to help you out.

4. At the bottom of your Layouts it says "No Hotlinking Images," what does that mean?
Hotlinking is basically when you use my images link so that you aren't storing the image in your own PhotoBucket or Image Storage place online. Many of you don't realize you are doing something that is rather taboo online which is fine. I just ask that you stop doing it once it is realized. The reason this is a problem is that places like PhotoBucket only give us so much bandwidth to display our images and artwork. So if you use it all up because you've got tons of people visiting your journal, my account at PhotoBucket can be turned off for a time causing me and people looking for icons and layouts at lot of problems.

5. Do you have banners so I can advertise for this group?
Yes. Here they are...

1. I'm having trouble changing my layout. I am inserting the code but the header isn't coming up.
This is probably because the code you are using doesn't actually have the header image code in it. You are supposed to save the header in your PhotoBucket (or other image place) and insert the direct link on your own.

2. I have inserted the header image link but my image is coming up smaller than it should.
See Trouble with the Header.

3. I want to use one of your layouts but I'm currently using something other than Flexible Squares. How do I make the change?
Check out Theme and Layout Change for Beginners.

4. How do I change the titles on my Header or things like what my comment links say?
Go to the Text Section of Customize Layout Theme. You will see all the different titles you can change. For Sidebar component title changes, go to the Sidebar Section.

5. How do I customize which elements are on my sidebar and in what order? Also how do I change the titles of the elements?
To change the components on your sidebar or to change the titles for the sidebar components go to the Sidebar Section. You will find a tutorial here for further help.

1. I'm not getting notifications of comments to my entries on my journal or on communities. What is wrong?
With changes LJ has made many of our settings have been turned off. Go to My Account Settings to makes sure all your notifications are turned on. If they are and you are still not receiving your notifications please go to LJ Support and open a support request with LJ.

If you have not found an answer to your question, please comment.
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