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Image Services suggested by you and researched by me

Finding a place to store all your images is a pain. I've been struggling with PhotoBucket since they started charging and have removed their mass download button to keep people there. FYI: I found a way around that.

So where do you store your images if you want to be able to share or just have them somewhere taking up less space on your computer. Below are a few great options.

Thank you to all of you who are suggesting locations. Below are suggested places with things you should know.

1. Flickr
Free accounts available but limit you to 1000 images.

2. Cloudinary
Your free account includes "25 credits". 1 credit is worth 1GB of storage or bandwidth. So if you are just storing image you have 25GB of storage with isn't a lot but it is a good amount. If you are creating icons and sharing this will quickly become and issute for you.

3. Imgur
So far Imgur is totally free. Few restrictrions and no limitations. The do want non-animated images to be under 20MB and gifs to be under 200MB which hasn't been a problem yet. They will resize your photo if it is over 5MB which again hasn't been and issue for my largest images.

You can make a "post" of all image having to do with your favorite show or all the artwork you created today. These posts can be left private and you can continue to add to them. If you make them public they are closed to uploading.

Sharing your images isn't as easy as it was with photobucket. You can't just select all the images you want and get the links. You have to go one by one in all images you upload to add them to a post. This means if you are an icon maker you've got a lot of work but the images shouldn't go down on you.

4. ImgBB
They are completely free. Load up the images. You don't even have to register but it will be hard for you to find your images if you don't. Generally this means you images are public but you can make them private. Your image upload threshold for one image (I'm guessing) is 16MB. This isn't typically an issue. At first I thought there was a resolution and pixel size limitation but it is possible if you image remains below the 16MB limit then it will be fine.

5. PostImage.org
Another free service but they limit their uploads to 12MB with a 10k x 10k pixel limitation. They have PRO accounts but the limitation for pixel is the same. That see 10k x 10k sounds small but when you think about it a typical computers screen wallpaper is 1900 or less pixels across. And they are limiting to 10,000. So you're probably good on that front.

6. Google Photos
Google Photos doesn't have a storage limitation but they do have an upload restriction of 16 megapixels which is about 4000 x 4000. This is very loarge and will keep your covered for nearly every image you wish to upload. Videos are limited to 1080p resolution which isn't too bad.

I think the best places suggested are Imgur, ImgBB, PostImage.org and Google Photos. I'm actually surprised how good Google is. Their 16 megapixel limit could cause a few snags but is seems unlikely. However, I'd say if you worry about privacy, Googles not your option.
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