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18 April 2017 @ 03:23 pm
The Great LJ Migration...  

So I have a question and I want some honest opinions.

Why does everyone seem to think Live Journal is going under?

Maybe I'm missing something but it seems like ever since LJ moved to Russia people just assume it is going under. However, I feel the migration from LJ is going to be a self-fulling prophecy. If you fear LJ is going to disappear the worst thing you can do is abandon it. Now I'm not saying you can't take the precaution of backing up to Dreamwidth, and I admit I've done this for my journal and several comunities, not all yet, but I have no intention of leaving LJ because then I'm just making it's downfall a reality.

Now, having said that maybe I'm missing something? Has something major happened that pretty much ensures it's downfall? Or are we just so upset they are now in Russia because frankly it matters very little to me where they are based as long as I have my Live Journal.

Please be respectful when responding, I have been absent for a bit so it is highly likely I've missed something.

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2_on2_on on April 19th, 2017 02:09 am (UTC)
People aren't leaving because they think LJ is dying, they're leaving because there are new Russian TOS that state you can't post anything critical of the Russian government or pro-LGBT. A lot of users on here are LGBT so they're not comfortable with that and fear their journals getting deleted because of this. Also https has been removed so now your password and email address aren't safe anymore. The servers moved to Russia in December as well and if you've been following everything that's been going on in the world then you would know that Russia has a very sophisticated internet program that tries to damage other countries and influence things through hacking, spreading disinformation, etc. They were behind the big Yahoo hack a few years ago and used the information for their own gains. The Russian government is corrupt and has a lot of ties with big businesses in Russia so people aren't comfortable that the Russian government is going to be able to access their email address, passwords, and personal things they have posted on their journals. That's cool if you don't want to leave but I don't think you should judge other people for doing so.

Edited at 2017-04-19 02:11 am (UTC)
tilmontilmon on April 19th, 2017 03:39 am (UTC)
Thanks for the reminder about https. I kept forgetting to install HTTPS Everywhere. But even after having installed it, I find that if I also block unencrypted requests, LJ won't load. :/