Jill aka Jo (sireesanwar) wrote in layout_lounge,
Jill aka Jo

Now, I'm a little tee'd off....

Remember that uplifting post about being able to change the look of the NEW LJ Nav Menu????

Well, now it isn't working so if you used that coding, I'd delete it if you can't see your journal all of the sudden. It is probably something in my coding but being the suspicious person I am... I find it odd LJ commented to my post to tell me it got so many hits and then the coding broke.

Again, maybe I'm being paranoid... more than likely. I'm looking into the coding and will post again should I figure out the issue. Of course, none of this would be an issue if LJ would just let us change the colors on the bar we see over our Journal's and Communities.

In case you are wondering... I still love Live Journal. I just wish they'd give us a little more freedom of design.

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Tags: help with: lj functions, ~lj messing with our journals, ~mod
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