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Yay or nay? New LJ Nav Menu

Okay this is very different! We should riot? No. Gosh, I know some people want to which I suspect is why news no longer let's you comment to their posts which is kind of awful but at the same time probably saves their sanity. Still I get the first reactions towards annoyance and downright hatred of this new bar. Believe me. I get how annoying it can be when LJ changes something and our journal's are all messed up and we have no idea what to do to fix it and we are totally frustrated....


I do like that you have access to a few things right from your journal.

1. You can manage your Profile, Userpics, Friends, Custom Grups, Style, Tags and Communities from the Settings link in the dropdown menu. This isn't totally ideal because you have to click somewhere else to get these options but remember... LJ could have forgotten all about these things.

2. This menu will shrink when your window does and will change from words to icons. I like this just because then your menu doesn't become unreadable.

3. This NAV MENU is the same across all of LJ which means you aren't looking at multiple NAV MENUs and wondering where they put things. It will always be the same.

4. Note that the updated menu version is only for the redesigned version of the LiveJournal site. If you are using the older version of the site, the menu changes do not apply.

But there are a few bugs...

[Edit] Known issues & updates:

  • The old version of the friends page (/friends) is not applying friends filters. This will be fixed in an upcoming release.

  • The option for switching to the old version of the site has moved; it is now available as the last option at http://www.livejournal.com/manage/settings/?cat=display.

If you experience issues with the NAV MENU...
Please let LJ know if you run into any bugs or problems with the menu.

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