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18 March 2015 @ 02:13 pm
Random Numbers On Sidebar  
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Theme: At least Flexible Squares maybe more....
Actions: Random Numbers on Sidebar

I don't know what LJ is doing but they are making all sorts of issues. As you can see there are numbers popping up on this sidebar. I've never encountered this before but suddenly there they are.

What they are is essentially numbering for a list. It is a long explaination but your links and tags are essentially a bulleted list that has been customized with coding by LJ and layout makers. Now numbers are showing up.

In your coding you might see something like this:

What you'll need to do is add a line to each of these sections which you will find in the Sidebar coding section of my layouts.

Your coding will then looking like this:

The list-style-type: none officially tells your layout and coding that you do not want to see the numbers and hides them from view.

I hope this helps.

Pass the word on by reposting this message....