Jill aka Jo (sireesanwar) wrote in layout_lounge,
Jill aka Jo

Captain Speaking... LJ Problems...

I've gotten some requests for assistance from some members/vistors which I'm not ignoring. Currently there is something up with LJ. I'm not seeing any of the menus and even the posting page has no structure to it. Just text and boxes.

Simple text posts are going through but trying to diagnose an issue on a layout or help in any way is pretty much not going to happen until LJ fixes the problem.

According to the Support Boards, I'm not the only one seeing this issue though most people were told it was their browser. I was told this but persisted because it couldn't be Chrome, Firefox, and IE on multiple computers.

If you are having similar problems, I recommend trying to open a support ticket though it is easier said than done.

Until this issue is resolved; I can't be of any assistance. But all questions I've been asked will be answered as soon as LJ is functioning again.
Tags: !known-problems, ~mod
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