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So the issue is that some time ago you changed to the new version of the Friends Page and now you can't get back. I discovered a way but it means losing the new updates to LiveJournal for however long they allow it. I am still able to use my version of the Friends Page so I'm hoping the new look won't come along with the permanent version of LJ's site. Since I actually like this update I'd be reluctant to do it but if you don't mind going back to the old LJ look then go for it.

1. Go to your Profile or the LiveJournal homepage. Click the cloud icon on the right. When you click a window will pop up with a link to "Switch Back To Old version". This will remove the new look of LJ and return to the previous site look for however long they make it available. Remember if don't want to go back to the old look, DO NOT continue. Otherwise proceed.

2. Once you've reverted back to LJ's previous look go to your Journal and Click the Friends link in you navbar. Your Friends "Feed" probably looks similar to this. Hopefully, you'll see the highlighted section at the top that tells you to "switch to the old one." This will give you back your customized Friends Page.

This is what my Friends Feed Looks like:

3. Do you see your previous look?

If that worked then great. If not it was worth a try right.

For those willing to temporarily lose the new look of LJ and want the old Friends Page back it is worth it. I'm hoping a mass exodus to the old friends page will help them get the hint.

If that doesn't work or you just don't want to try this... you should consider this:
Click on the thought bubble/cloud (whatever it is) in step one and submit feedback under the Redesign section.

Tell them your accounts name and that you are seeing the feed rather than the Friends Page when you click on your friends link. They should be able to reset this for you considering this Support Request.

Hope that helps you!

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