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14 May 2013 @ 04:00 pm
78. Sound System  
Layout Style: S2 Flexible Squares
Features: Full Width Header/Navbar, Round Icons, No Sidebar Available
Layout Width: 1000px

{ Preview 1 }   { Preview 2 }
Credit: layout_lounge
For help with layout please consult the How To Guides, otherwise please comment.

Click here for fonts and font tutorial
NevisonCasD (Title), Dancing Script OT (Sidebar Title), Lilly (Date), Delius Swash Caps (Subject)


No Sidebar:

Images As They Appear In Coding:

Body Background:
Blockquote Background 1 & 2:

Header Image Background:

Change the link to your default link.I have the title formatted in this layout but if you would like to turn that off and go with an image (like I'm using here) find the coding which starts .title and add the line display: none; then go to the .headerimage coding at the bottom and follow instructions on the Multiple Backgrounds Tutorial.

More Headers: graffitigraphic
More Background Images: Layout Lounge Site
More Tiny Icons: Layout Lounge Site

No Hotlinking Images #4 under general
Header can be changed
Background image can be changed or removed.
Credit Necessary.

Went Through the Tutorials and Still Having Trouble? Comment.
Mood: quixoticquixotic
turtle_gooseturtle_goose on May 15th, 2013 01:58 am (UTC)
I'm not snagging (still too much in love with my current layout - which you made, btw), but this is absolutely gorgeous! I love how clean everything looks.
Jill aka Jo: Movie: Dorisireesanwar on May 15th, 2013 10:02 pm (UTC)
Thanks. Well the good things is that when you get tired of the other one I made... these will be here for you to look through.

I'm so glad you're enjoying your current layout and thanks for the comment and compliment!
KSena: Piercing with cross by timepunchingkseenaa on May 15th, 2013 08:32 pm (UTC)
I thought I'd put the image codes where it should be, but I guess I did something wrong somewhere.. It is gorgeous though, and I'll definitely try to make it work again. :-)
Jill aka Jo: TVD: Salvatore Brotherssireesanwar on May 15th, 2013 10:01 pm (UTC)
Did you want sidebar or no sidebar?

If you upload these images to a photobucket and give me the links I can set up the coding for you so you can copy and paste.

Just let me know.
theholycrusadertheholycrusader on July 17th, 2013 12:32 am (UTC)
this layout is super fun and neat! using it for my comm and credited :)
thanks a lot!
Jill aka Josireesanwar on July 17th, 2013 01:18 am (UTC)
You are very welcome.
brianne48brianne48 on September 9th, 2013 06:13 am (UTC)
Sweet! This layout is so neat, just fabulous. Love it.
Jill aka Josireesanwar on September 11th, 2013 06:12 am (UTC)
Thank you.
Chihirosaitou_michiyou on September 26th, 2013 10:04 am (UTC)
Hello, I am using this theme but I still couldn't get the fonts like you use in the example although I already download and install the fonts. I really love this theme, it's simple and neat! Thanks for making this!
Jill aka Jo: SPN: Dean Oh Dearsireesanwar on September 26th, 2013 10:18 pm (UTC)
Oh no. Okay when I go to your layout I can see the fonts. Maybe they aren't completely installed on your computer. My suggestion is to try installing them in the Fonts Folder again and see if that helps... maybe clear your history because computers can store the look of something on your computer and hinder changes visually.

Beyond that I'm unsure as it appear to be working to me.

Go to my LJ and see if the fonts for my subject and sidebar titles look right. I'm using this layout and it should be right for you too. If my fonts don't look right then it is an issue with your history or needing to reinstall the fonts.

Feel free to keep talking to me until we fix it.
Chihirosaitou_michiyou on September 27th, 2013 02:36 am (UTC)
Thank you! After I erased the history it works well! I love the way you customize your theme, how to make the post separates with each other ?
Jill aka Jo: Stock: Peacock Feathersireesanwar on September 27th, 2013 05:47 pm (UTC)
That is great! I'm so glad it is working for you.

Yeah, sometimes I just love the posts floating on their own.
Autumn Bird: Pinkaki_no_tori on December 17th, 2013 06:30 am (UTC)
Hi, I just used this layout :) My sidebar only shows my profile icon. How can I make changes to that and add links with the 'About Me' section?

Jill aka Jo: Holiday: Merry Christmas Treessireesanwar on December 17th, 2013 07:17 pm (UTC)
I'm hoping this tutorial will help you...

If not, let me know and I'll start digging and see what is happening with the layout.
Zee HPtheyre_kattun on May 10th, 2015 01:03 pm (UTC)
I really love your work so thank you for all of them!

I decided to use this theme now, and I was wondering how can I make the 'music" and "location" appear instead of only the mood in my journal?
Jill aka Josireesanwar on May 11th, 2015 09:55 pm (UTC)
Oh find
.currentlocation, .currentmusic {

Just remove this and they will appear.
Zee HPtheyre_kattun on May 12th, 2015 01:11 am (UTC)
oh IseeIsee!
Thank you! :D