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13 July 2012 @ 05:53 pm
68. Shades of Gray with Parker - coding updated  
Layout Style: S2 Flexible Squares
Features: Sidebar, Scrolling Tags, Custom Page Summary
Layout Width: 1000px

[ Preview ]
Font(s) Used: Lobster 1.4
Credit: layout_lounge
For help with layout please consult the How To Guides, otherwise please comment.

Click here for font tutorial:
Lobster 1.4

Header 1000 x 300
Original Image by artisis.

Background Image:


Headers: graffitigraphic
More Background Images: Layout Lounge Site
More Tiny Icons: Layout Lounge Site

No Hotlinking Images
Header can be changed
Background image can be changed or removed.
Credit Necessary.

tracyj23tracyj23 on July 16th, 2012 06:12 pm (UTC)
Are those both really Parker? The grey one on the right looks a lot like Anna Torv (Olivia) from Fringe. The resemblance is striking!
Jill aka Jo: Leverage: Parkersireesanwar on July 16th, 2012 07:07 pm (UTC)
They are. Doesn't she look so much like her. Both very beautiful women. Apparently, Beth Riesgraf (Parker) cleans up very well.
tracyj23: Red dresstracyj23 on July 22nd, 2012 04:25 am (UTC)
That she does!
★ mypetconcubinemypetconcubine on July 19th, 2012 04:56 am (UTC)
I am in the process of changing my layout I am going to be using this. Thanks.

I am going to see if someone can make me a custom rounded edge header for this layout is that okay?

This layout is amazing -- fantastic job.
Jill aka Jo: Movie: Alice pinksireesanwar on July 20th, 2012 09:57 pm (UTC)
No problem. The headers I use are usually for visual effect and for inspiration. Once you use it you can decorate however you like.

I actually saw your header and thought it was very fitting. *thumbs up*
★ mypetconcubinemypetconcubine on July 19th, 2012 03:49 pm (UTC)
problem with tiny icons
Hey I was wondering why I can't see my music and location tiny icons? Mood is there but everything else isn't.
Jill aka Jo: Fringe: I Promise Walter and Petersireesanwar on July 19th, 2012 07:02 pm (UTC)
Re: problem with tiny icons
I think I have them turned off... let me see..

Yep. In the Currents Section of the coding there is a part that says

.currentlocation, .currentmusic {

Change it to
.currentlocation, .currentmusic { font-weight: normal; }

That should fix it. If you have any problems with the layout, let me know.
Ella Press: Veronica close-upellapress on June 16th, 2013 04:59 pm (UTC)
BEAUTIFUL! I've always complained about LJ not being so easy to customise. Using this and credited on my info page. THANK YOU!
Jill aka Josireesanwar on June 16th, 2013 09:37 pm (UTC)
It actually is once you figure it out.

Enjoy and I'm always here to help make things easier.
pinkportraitpinkportrait on January 30th, 2014 04:28 am (UTC)
I love this layout.
Jill aka Josireesanwar on February 4th, 2014 01:12 am (UTC)
So glad.