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How to control LJ Advertisements

Account: Plus
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Topic: Controlling Advertisements

Sometimes we implement a layout and the ads mess with the look of it. Little known fact, you can change where you advertisements are located on your journal to some degree.

Ad Placement:
1. Go to Chose Page Setup.

2. Above the layout setup options it says Ad Placement.

3. Make sure it is set to Horizontal and click Save. (If you are using one of my transparent or semi-transparent layouts you might want to make the Ad Placement Vertical so it is on your sidebar.)

4. Check your layout. This should have put the ads at the top and bottom of the layout.

Choose was type of ads you see:
1. Go to Account Settings and then Advertisements (LINK).
2. Click the boxes you would like to see.
3. Click Save.

Sometimes the color of the box is still and issue and the only thing I can thing of is to change it by going to the Style Section..
One of the colors here might be the reason for the advertisement box coloring. Though there is no guarentee this will work as LJ hasn't give us much access to code for those advertisements.
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