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02 February 2010 @ 11:10 am
No Sidebar Setup  
Account Status: Free
Actions: Removing the Sidebar from your journal so you can use a no sidebar layout
Theme: Flexible Squares (not sure if it works with other themes)

1. Go to Select Journal Style.

2. Make sure you are using the right theme. We will work in Flexible Squares. So make sure your Current Theme is a Flexible Squares Theme. (I generally make all my layouts in the Autumn Layout.)

3. See the link under Customize your theme? Click Change page setup.

4. Choose the no sidebar option.

5. Then click the Customize theme button to the right.

6. You want to go to Custom CSS

6. On the Custom CSS page for Flexible Squares Themes you will be asked 3 questions. Mark them all NO. Then you are ready to insert the coding for one of Layout Lounge's Flexible Square Layouts. I would Save Changes now just to be safe. If the coding you wish to use is set up for a sidebar check THIS TUTORIAL....

7. You can then go back into this coding and make changes, such as, the urls for images you wish to use. Theme Layout for Beginners can help you with that.