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31 August 2009 @ 03:13 pm
Sidebar: What I do and do not want on it.  
Account Status: All
Actions: Deciding what you want on your sidebar
Theme: Flexible Squares (similar in other themes)

Most of my layouts here have the same sidebar as that is what I've used to show everything off that I've worked on. Here is a How To on getting everything on your sidebar that you want.

The Steps:
1. Go to Customize Journal Style and click Sidebar on the left. LINK

2. You will either have a list of options or you will have two separate sections.

3. The sidebar has set up options: Do you want a default userpic, blurb, link list, tags, page summary, and calendar? You must choose yes or not to any of these and in some cases give the sidebar component a title. For my tag scroll it is best to opt for the tag list rather than cloud.

4. Then comes the ordering. You simply place the components in order of how you want them to show up. Any components you've turned off or said no to should be ordered at the bottom to prevent duplications of components you do want.

5. Simply save these changes and refresh your journal to see the outcome.