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Do Not Switch from Flexible Squares if you like using it.
Read This

You are more than welcome to use any layout show here. Headers attached to layouts are for inspiration only and are not required to be used with the layout.

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105. The Pines in Expressive

Layout Style: S2 Expressive
Features: Header Image, Custom Header Location, Custom Sidebar
Layout Width: Responsive
WARNING: If you like Flexible Squares don't change themes. You could lose it. Read More.

[ PREVIEW ] [ LIVE PREVIEW ] credit layout_lounge
All special fonts have been embedded into the layout from Google Fonts.
Coding is a real pain to list here because now anything with a # creates tags in our system. So to get around this I'm sharing the coding via a code testing site where you can also see the layout working live.
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Non-Paid Users: What theme have you ended up with?

Hey eveyone out there!

I started looking into other base layouts to create from, but quickly realized I didn't know much about them. Did they have perks others didn't? So I'm curious. If you've been switched from Flexible Squares or you have used another theme in the past, let me know which ones you like and why.

The ones still available are:

  • Air

  • Chameleon

  • Expressive

  • Expressive Winter

  • Minimalism

  • Mixit

I started investigating Expressive but again, I've literally done nothing but Flexible Squares for years so you tell me. Any preferences?

Also please share this and the tutorial on keeping your Flexible Squares so we get it out there.

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Flexible Squares Solution for PAID accounts

First, DO NOT CHANGE FROM FLEXIBLE SQUARES if you want to use it and are currently using it. You'll lose it unless you are a paid member of LJ.

Okay so I got to thinking about Flexible Squares not being supported and I'm going to work on newer layouts in supported formats but remember Dreamwidth doesn't have Flexible Squares either and we can use it there. It just takes a little finessing. And once my mind got going on that train, we left the station.

So I dug. And so now the dilemma is that you can use Flexible Squares IF you are a PAID member. So to all the free members out there, I'm going to work on some different themed layouts for those who don't want to pay LJ. But for the paid user here is the hoops to jump through.

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Flexible Squares Not Supported: I begin to hate LJ

LiveJournal no longer supports Flexible Squares which you'll noticed 99.9% of my layouts are using. So if you like using Flexible Square layouts and are currently using one, DO NOT SWITCH from Flexible Squares because you cannot get back.

I'm going to see what I can do in the meantime. I think I can start recreating layouts in another version but I have no idea yet.
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Image Services suggested by you and researched by me

Finding a place to store all your images is a pain. I've been struggling with PhotoBucket since they started charging and have removed their mass download button to keep people there. FYI: I found a way around that.

So where do you store your images if you want to be able to share or just have them somewhere taking up less space on your computer. Below are a few great options.

Thank you to all of you who are suggesting locations. Below are suggested places with things you should know.

1. Flickr
Free accounts available but limit you to 1000 images.

2. Cloudinary
Your free account includes "25 credits". 1 credit is worth 1GB of storage or bandwidth. So if you are just storing image you have 25GB of storage with isn't a lot but it is a good amount. If you are creating icons and sharing this will quickly become and issute for you.

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Are you images on your journal disappearing?


So you might have noticed pictures disappearing from your journal or layout. That is because TinyPic closed down and took everything you uploaded there with it. I know it sucks but think of it as an excuse to clean up a little and if you are looking for a place to put imags try Imgur. It is a little more complicated that TinyPic but they appear to be free for now. PhotoBucket costs now so I've been slowly trying to move everything off there though convienently they don't allow you to download everything you've uploaded to their site.

Imgur is more of a post area but you if you keep a post "private" you can keep adding to it. It doesn't show you the image link but if you right click and pick "Copy Image Location" you can then post your picture to LiveJournal. I've made "posts" for different things: Movies, TV, Random Posting Images, etc.

Believe me I get this is annoying because I just when through all the posts here and updated images and links and now I have to check for TInyPic images. I despise them especially since the first I heard about it was when they were closed.

Tell those who might not know:
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Layout Lounge Website Down

Just a heads up. I was using a Weebly site for a lot of the coding ect I used on this site. I would share the different coding for the Google fonts I loved among other things. Weebly changed some things over on their site and it resulted in the Layout Lounge site being removed. They informed me we were violating TOS but it was really them trying to get large free sites off their system as they've changed from free unlimited sites to free 500MB sites (what site can be 500 MB?? That is like 2 pictures.)

Because of this you might encounter some broken links but I'm going to work on fixing this. Right now it isn't my top priority as I had 2 fan sites on their server which I need to figure out how to rebuild. While I'm good with existing coding, I don't typically do things from scratch so I'm going to have to learn a few things as I go.

Let me know if there is anything you can't get to. I realize the coding for the last 2 layouts is gone now and I'm planning on getting those up for you.

Sorry for the issues.
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104. The Pines

Layout Style: S2 Flexible Squares
Features: Header Image, Custom Header Location, Custom Sidebar, No Userpics for posts, Friends Page/Community Userpics
Layout Width: Responsive

[ PREVIEW ] [ LIVE PREVIEW ] credit layout_lounge
All special fonts have been embedded into the layout from Google Fonts.

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103. Florence

Layout Style: S2 Flexible Squares
Features: Header Image, Custom Header Location, Layout Images, Custom Sidebar, No Userpics for posts only comment userpics
Layout Width: Flexible Width

[ PREVIEW ] [ LIVE ] credit @ layout_lounge
All special fonts have been embedded into the layout from Google Fonts

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If you are having trouble with this layout please comment and I'll see if I can help you.