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23 July 2015 @ 06:30 pm

*sigh* What did they do? I'm not the only one who waited to see what would happen after todays "maintenance". And guess what a friend brought to my attention....
They've added another bar to our journals? Personally, I don't find this necessary but they are going to be using it on the Friends Page for filtering. And YAY the filtering is back to being in order. I can see this bar having... TAGS, PROFILE, MEMORIES, ETC on it.... we'll see.

But after all that work. Look at my friends page:
In case you can't tell it is overlapping my headerimage on my friends page. Not cool.

I've reported this to LJ so hopefully we will get a response and some resolution. I'll keep you all posted.

23 July 2015 @ 11:04 am
Layout Style: S2 Flexible Squares
Features: Embedded Fonts, Colorful, Custom Userpic, Floating Effect, Title/Subtitle
Layout Width: 1000px

{ Preview } { Live }

Theme and Layout Change Tutorial

All embedded in coding from Google Fonts
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21 July 2015 @ 12:35 pm
So after talking to someone more advanced, the conclusion is this... LJ broke it. The reason they broke it is because they are still making changes and they are changing the coding. This means my quick fix, got broken. Really this isn't anyones fault because I came to LJ and saw the change and said... icky colors. So I made a fix that wasn't going to last once the coding got change... so maybe a group effort.

Now part of the reason they are still working is to perfect their changes and to clear out any bugs they are working on. Totally makes sense.

I get this as I've worked with mini-updates to websites and you sometimes have to do things in stages.
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20 July 2015 @ 11:06 am
Remember that uplifting post about being able to change the look of the NEW LJ Nav Menu????

Well, now it isn't working so if you used that coding, I'd delete it if you can't see your journal all of the sudden. It is probably something in my coding but being the suspicious person I am... I find it odd LJ commented to my post to tell me it got so many hits and then the coding broke.

Again, maybe I'm being paranoid... more than likely. I'm looking into the coding and will post again should I figure out the issue. Of course, none of this would be an issue if LJ would just let us change the colors on the bar we see over our Journal's and Communities.

In case you are wondering... I still love Live Journal. I just wish they'd give us a little more freedom of design.

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17 July 2015 @ 04:41 pm
Okay this is very different! We should riot? No. Gosh, I know some people want to which I suspect is why news no longer let's you comment to their posts which is kind of awful but at the same time probably saves their sanity. Still I get the first reactions towards annoyance and downright hatred of this new bar. Believe me. I get how annoying it can be when LJ changes something and our journal's are all messed up and we have no idea what to do to fix it and we are totally frustrated....

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07 July 2015 @ 07:00 pm
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Theme: Flexible Squares, Minimalism, Expressive, Air, Chameleon +
Actions: Using Recent Posts From This Journal

 photo buildingalayout0048.png
Okay so LJ has instituted a new feature, I like it and I hope you will as well. It is called Recent Posts or Recent Entries. So the question is how to I get something recent posts below my journal entry.

First, you have to be using one of the themes that it is enabled on. When LJ first introduced this feature it was only available with Minimalism, Expressive, Air, Chameleon but it suddently showed up on Flexible Squares a few days ago and I'm guessing they are slowly but surely adding it to other layouts. So far no word on whether or not it will be available for communities (though I'm hoping).

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Theme: Flexible Squares
Actions: Creating Your Own Layout: Recent Posts From This Journal
Links: Code Index

You may have recently noticed that LiveJournal has made the "Recent Posts From This Journal" available for Flexible Squares. This is what it looks like over at my journal.
 photo buildingalayout0048.png

The issue I discovered when it first went live was that it doesn't match my journal layout! What to do...
 photo buildingalayout0042.png
The solution is we have to learn to code for it. And that is what I will endevor to accomplish in this tutorial.
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02 July 2015 @ 03:35 pm
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Theme: Flexible Squares
Actions: Creating Your Own Layout: Calendar Page
Links: Code Index

Right now our Tags Page looks like this:
Techincally you could leave it like that but I like to customize things a little bit....

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